Lancashire 2050 - A strategic framework for Lancashire

Communities and place

We will build pride, belonging and resilience in all our diverse communities and ensure everyone has a voice and stake in their future.


  • To foster a sense of pride and belonging in all our communities
  • To better join up public services so they deliver what people and places need
  • To work with residents, businesses and the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector, to build the vision for our communities
  • To foster safer and more resilient neighbourhoods
  • To work together across the public, private and voluntary sectors to help tackle the long-term causes and short-term impacts of poverty

What this will mean for our residents

Residents will feel pride in their place and will see the contribution their community makes to achieving the whole county’s aspirations.

Lancashire will be a place where public services, businesses, residents and community groups all work together to improve their communities.

Our communities will thrive, and their distinctiveness and diversity celebrated.