Economic prosperity

We will be a globally-recognised, competitive and sustainable economy distinguished by its quality of life, connectivity and access to opportunities.


  • To realise the growth potential in our existing and emerging key sectors, particularly low carbon and renewables, and to attract increased investment
  • To ensure Lancashire has an outward-looking and connected economy that works for all
  • To build a pipeline of strategic development sites and infrastructure opportunities.
  • To maximise the economic benefits of Lancashire’s tourism offer and promote a diverse place with urban, coastal and rural economies
  • To encourage business as good employers

What this will mean for our residents

A thriving economy will enable Lancashire residents to access more and better jobs, drive employment growth, and increase wealth and independence.

In turn, this will help improve the wider determinants of health, encourage social mobility and drive the get-up-and-go aspirations amongst our young people, giving each generation more control over their own futures.

Invest in Lancashire – a place for growth

A new prospectus which demonstrates why Lancashire is the place to do business is being unveiled at the UK's Real Estate and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) event in Leeds this May.

The prospectus 'Invest in Lancashire – A place for growth' is the first major project to be completed under the Lancashire 2050 banner, the ground-breaking agreement backed by the county's 15 local authorities.

The prospectus highlights the potential for future investment in the county, already the home of 55,000 businesses, supporting 640,000 jobs and a regional economy of £33.3billion.

It also details some of the exciting opportunities currently available across the county, including shovel-ready schemes with the connectivity and amenities required to enable all types of development to progress at pace and at scale.

It is being officially launched by a Lancashire delegation at the major trade show, which brings together more than 6,000 delegates from the public sector, business investors, funders, developers, housebuilders and Government.

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