Lancashire 2050 - A strategic framework for Lancashire

Employment and skills

We will support people to develop their skills throughout their lives and attract business to the county because of our highly skilled workforce.


  • To help young people make informed choices about their pathway into employment
  • To retain a higher percentage of local graduates and place them into graduate level jobs
  • To build a strong pipeline of skilled people at all levels entering the labour market to meet the needs of Lancashire businesses
  • To increase the proportion of adults in Lancashire achieving a Level 4 qualification or higher and improve access to tailored adult skills provision
  • To increase the employment rate to at least equal to any other region of the UK outside London and improve economic activity rates

What this will mean for our residents

People will have the opportunity to access good jobs and progress in their chosen career, without being held back by their skills or background.

Lancashire will have amongst the highest skilled workforce in the country, ready to take advantage of a strong and growing regional economy.

We will have a skills base that will support inward investment opportunities and create more good jobs.